December 11, 2014

Peter Pan Live's Smee Had a Star Wars Tattoo

I tried to watch NBC's Peter Pan Live. I really did. Giving it my full attention lasted a few minutes though and I pulled out my laptop and started working and only occasionally glimpsed up at the screen. I looked up more once Christopher Walken appeared as Hook because hey, it's Christopher Walken, and soon noticed that Smee had a familiar tattoo on his arm. The skull of a Mythosaur! Sort of. We know the tattoo because it appears on Boba Fett's armor. The tattoo isn't an exact match - it's a little stretched and there are some extra additions that make the ink look like the Bloody Bones symbol from the Legacy comics - but they had to be going for Boba Fett. Look: 

Source: Mark

It doesn't look quite as stretched out in a promo photo from NBC (click to enlarge) so maybe it just got applied in a hurry the night of the show. It's also not on the same arm. Perhaps it got altered so it wouldn't look so much like the symbol on Fett's armor?

Whatever the story, I like seeing that Star Wars is everywhere.


  1. I love this! I'm with you, seeing Star Wars everywhere is always good.

  2. :) I thought I would be the only person to think that about Smee's tatt.

    BTW, did anyone else think that the Lost Boys' tree house (the interior) looked like Jake and Finn's house on "Adventure Time"?

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