December 17, 2014

Review: Geonosis Infantry Battle Droids by Sideshow Collectibles

Remember that set of Star Wars Geonosis Infantry Battle Droids by Sideshow Collectibles I'm giving away? I unboxed a set to review them, and I have to admit these battle droids are way more fun than I expected them to be. As per the usual with any product made by Sideshow, the figures are detailed with paint that adds depth and texture. And the articulation on these guys? Forget about it.

The box comes with two Geonosis Infantry Battle Droids. This is ideal. A single battle droid wouldn't be as interesting; two droids means you can create lots of silly scenes or re-create moments from Attack of the Clones. Plus, having two droids means you can make them crack jokes back and forth while you're posing them - which you'll want to do over and over again.

The packaging was both simple and secure. I had the droids out of the box and in position in about a minute, but that doesn't mean they weren't protected and safe in their box. They were folded up - an indicator of how flexible they are - and awaiting deployment.

Accessories include two guns and two backpacks - the backpacks have extendable (and sturdy!) antennas (or antennae). I particularly like the weathering on the backpack and the droids. Definitely gives the droids the metal appearance just like in the movie.

Look at all those joints waiting to be posed! 

I've never had such a fantastic time posing sixth scale figures before. The design of battle droids means the characters are made to be action figures and collectibles. Practically everything moves. The neck extends and can be pushed down. The head can be moved up and down and side to side. Every joint of the arms and hands move. The elbows stuck a little at first but moved smoothly after I flexed them a few times. The droids' "fingers" are flexible and that makes it easy for them to grip their guns. The hips, knees, and feet can be positioned at different angles with ease.

All of those articulation points made it a blast to pose these droids in every which way. The flexibility gives them a ton of personality since their stances informs the way you interpret their emotions. I couldn't stop switching it up:

I call this the sassy battle droid pose.

The "Oh no, what have I done?!" battle droid pose.

The crossed arms, pouty battle droid pose.

The petulant or nap-time battle droid pose.

The dancing on duty battle droid pose.

The "Did you hear that?" battle droid pose.

The water cooler chat battle droid pose.

And this pose doesn't have a name - I just wanted to show off the articulation.

Who knew battle droids could be this cool? I think I'm going to start incorporating these guys into my regular decor and pose/dress them up for different occasions. As of this weekend, they'll be decorating a miniature Christmas tree and wearing tiny Santa hats.

Here's all the important technical information:
The figure is 12 inches tall.
Dave Whitford is responsible for the paint design.
The set comes with:
Figure Set includes: Two "Battle Damaged" Veteran Battle Droids as encountered on the planet Geonosis
Each Battle Droid has a fully articulated body and unique detailed paint deco
Two (2) E-5 Blaster Rifles
Two (2) Communications Backpacks with Extendable Antennas

You can purchase a set of your own droids for $129.99 from Sideshow Collectibles.

Or enter my giveaway to win your own set of Battle Droids! I think I'm going to have to ask the winner to pose the droids and send me pictures. Related: if you own these droids and have taken any silly pictures, please share them! Post links in the comments or send them to me on Twitter.

Full disclosure: The Geonosis Infantry Battle Droids were provided by Sideshow Collectibles for review purposes. This did not affect my review of the product.


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