December 1, 2014

The First Star Wars: The Force Awakens Tattoo

The trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens landed over the holiday weekend, and the internet buzzed about it all weekend. It was glorious. Fans started to churn out art and custom action figures featuring the images from the teaser almost instantly, and one fan took his enthusiasm to a whole other level. Yes, ladies and gents, Jordan Breckon may have what is the first Star Wars: Episode VII tattoo:

Breckon got the soccer ball droid from the trailer tattooed on his leg the day (done by Tyler Nealeigh) after the trailer dropped, and I applaud his dedication. Regardless of what the tiny droid is like in The Force Awakens, it has a cool and cute design. I mean, look at him:

h/t Making Star Wars


  1. Hey folks! Tyler Nealeigh here. I'm the artist who made this tattoo. I just want to say it was a blast to do this and I hope I make the Star Wars crowd stoked and proud of this phenomenon! Thanks!! Instagram: tyler480

  2. If I ever got over my fear of tattoos I would have something like this. Brilliant! - Rob

    1. It would be a good one to start with!

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