February 3, 2015

A Look at Spider-Gwen #1

I haven't read a current Spider-Man story in a long time. Not because I don't like the character or the creative team - I very much do! - it's just that, well my plate is overflowing with things to read and watch. I always say I'll catch up in trades, but I don't make enough effort and then feel hopelessly behind. It's a vicious cycle that happens with several comic titles. But, when I heard about Edge of Spider-Verse #2 from Jason Latour (writer) and Robbi Rodriguez (artist) last September, I made it a point to head to the comic book shop the day it was released so I could pick up a copy. Why? Spider-Gwen.

In this universe, Gwen Stacy was the one bitten by the radioactive spider. She's a drummer in a band called The Mary Janes. she's sassy, and she's conflicted. Also, she has one of the best superhero costumes I've seen in recent years. It a comic that grabbed me from the first panel, and given the fact that Edge of Spider-Verse #2 sold out, I'm apparently not the only person who felt that way.

Fans reacted so positively to Spider-Gwen that Marvel decided to launch an ongoing series centered on the character. YES. Latour and Rodriguez are back for the series and the first issue has some mighty attractive covers. Look:

Variant by Kris Anka

Regular cover by Robbi Rodriguez

Variant by Skottie Young

And interior pages!

Spider-Gwen #1 will be available on February 25th. Fingers crossed that Her Universe will work with Marvel to release an official Spider-Gwen hoodie soon!


  1. I am in love with the Skottie variant. And I agree that her costume is one of the best out there.

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  5. I am in love with the Skottie variant. And I agree that her costume is one of the best out there. slope


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