February 26, 2015

Cats as Superheroes Miniature Plushies

It's a bird... it's a plane... it's cats!

I am what you would call a cat enthusiast. This is also sometimes known as being a crazy cat lady. I'm okay with this label. I embrace it - just like I want to embrace every feline that I encounter. I don't quite go full on Elmyra from Animaniacs, but it's close. I'm not quite as intense as her. Anyway, when I see merchandise featuring kitties I always have to stop and give it a second look. If said cat merchandise is mixed up with geeky franchises like these miniature superhero cat plushies by TuriTuturi? Forget about it.

These felt toys are handmade and only a few inches tall. Each one would fit in the palm of your hand. The tiny cats are dressed up like different superheroes such as Captain America, Batman, and Spider-Man, and I bet they're brilliant in any situation that involves tracking down food or ribbons. They'd be called upon for a limited set of emergencies. Mostly, they'd just sit on a shelf and look adorable. See:

Shop for tiny felt superhero cats at Turi Tuturi on Etsy. And yes, they accept custom orders. I want to order an army of them and create the world's first cat superhero team. It would also probably be the world's last superhero cat team because as much as I love cats, they're easily distracted. They probably would forget what they were doing while in the middle of saving the day.


  1. Squee! So cute. I love all of these!

    1. Right? They'd make a terrific cuddle pile.

  2. These are far too cute! I am definitely going to have to get a bunch of them. I'm more of a Marvel girl, but I do have a thing for Batman. ;) lol

    The Nerdy Redhead


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