February 3, 2015

Sponsored Post: Star Wars and Star Trek Costumes by Cosplay Sky

Cosplay is a rewarding hobby with a broad definition. You can build from scratch, go casual, or start with a premade base. Cosplay Sky can help in two of those departments with their vast and varied selection of costumes - particularly in the Star Wars and Star Trek departments. Though premade costumes aren't for everyone, there's no shame in wearing them outside of Halloween. Convention season kicks off in high gear in spring, and the next Star Wars Celebration is happening in April. You can get prepared now by getting your order in at Cosplay Sky.

Greedo costume from Cosplay Sky
Let's look at their offering of Star Wars costumes first. These aren't your average costumes. The outfits are made to order to fit the basic measurements you provide. You'll need to give them your size, height, weight, chest, waist, arm length, and inseam sizes to ensure the best fit possible. This is where a tailor's tape comes in handy (I keep one in my desk drawer and use it regularly). Cosplay Sky's Star Wars costumes include: Greedo, Darth Maul, Mace Windu, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Revan, Emperor's Royal Guard, and Han Solo among others. I mean, they have a Sheltay Retrac for goodness' sake. Given the appearance of that rare character, you may want to ask them about commissioning any of your favorite Star Wars characters from Legends or the movies and television series. I've got a Sabine Wren costume on my wish list! Star Wars costume pieces start at $30.

Darth Revan costume from Cosplay Sky
If you're not interested in a made-to-order costume, they also have robes and cosplay hoodies available.

Switching sides to focus on Star Trek costumes, there are even more offerings! Cosplay Sky has costumes from the original trilogy to the new, rebooted films. They have my favorite Deanna Troi look - the blue pant-dress with an asymmetrical neckline - and even the skant costume from Star Trek: The Next Generation. It's available in different colors! In case you don't remember, the skant is a dress with built in shorts and short sleeves. It was worn by men and women. Heck. Yes.

Deanna Troi costume from Cosplay Sky
Besides the Troi dress and the skant, Cosplay Sky's other Star Trek costumes include: Admiral Kirk's Wrath of Khan ensembles, Spock's white robe from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, away jackets from Enterprise, Q's judge costume from The Next Generation, and standard uniforms from most of the Star Trek television series and films. Star Trek costume pieces start at $45.

Admiral Kirk costume from Cosplay Sky
You can wear all these costumes for theme parties, conventions, marathons (yes, themed marathons are a thing),Star Trek or Star Wars watch-parties, or just around the house. No one will judge you for wearing costumes at home except your pets. As mentioned, the costumes are all handmade and as such, they'll take a little bit to get to you so plan ahead and order in plenty of time for your event or get in touch with Cosplay Sky about rushed shipping. Happy cosplaying!

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