March 25, 2015

Carrie Fisher talks about Leia joining the Disney princesses

Remember how I mentioned Carrie Fisher appeared at Indiana Comic Con and was absolutely hilarious during her panel? If you don't remember, she did and she was. Fisher spoke for 30 minutes on topics ranging from her blind date with Dan Aykroyd, to her script doctoring work, to Princess Leia. You have to talk about Princess Leia with Carrie Fisher. I think it's a rule. And happily, YouTube user OmegaTsunami uploaded footage from the panel so everyone can enjoy Fisher's amazing brand of humor. As I rewatched the panel, I was particularly struck by a bit where Fisher talks about Leia being a Disney princess. Skip to the 4:55 mark:

She joked, "Now I get to go to those Disney princess meetings so we get to wake up Sleeping Beauty. She's really pretty when she's asleep but when you wake that bitch up?! Wow. She can relax when she's sleeping. And the mermaid, they don't tell you about that. That girl has really - you know what happens when you're waterlogged, [your skin] gets all crinkly. That's not a good look if someone's in a bathing suit... So, it's things like that that we talk about at the meetings And I help them get to their real powerful self... I'm actually a very good shot so I will teach them that and you know, I think you'll be surprised when you see Cinderella next time."

Could she be any more perfect?

Just before those comments Fisher said Leia is a badass. She teased that most princesses will go, "Oh please will you look at my shoe over there? I think I broke it." She said we don't do that. "We wouldn't wear those f**king shoes to begin with." Amen.

Be sure to watch the entire panel. Here are the other two parts:


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