August 29, 2016

Salt Lake Comic Con Schedule!

Who will be at Salt Lake Comic Con next weekend? You can't see it, but I'm raising my hand. I'll be a guest at the convention appearing on some panels about Star Wars and Supernatural, moderating a couple panels, and doing a Full of Sith live show. Yay!

My schedule:

Thursday, September 1:
4:00pm - 250A - Voices of Star Wars Animation
I'm moderating this panel with Steve Blum, Phil Lamar, James Arnold Taylor, and Fred Tatisciore -- the voices of several characters in Star Wars animated series.

6:00pm - 151G - Star Wars Trailer Park
Over the years there have been dozens of trailers for Star Wars movies, some better than others. Our panel of experts will offer a chronological view of Star Wars trailers from 1976 to present and offer expert commentary and context.

8:00pm - 151G - The Life and Times of Ahsoka Tano
One of the most popular characters in the Star Wars universe has been with us for only 8 years and we've seen a stunning sweep of her life. Our expert panel talks about the life and times of Anakin Skywalker's padawan turned Force wielding Fulcrum and her impact on a galaxy far, far away.

Friday, September 2:
12:00pm - 251A - Osric Chau
I'm interviewing Osric Chau (Supernatural), yay!

Saturday, September 3:
10:00am - 250A - Disney Parks: The Intellectual Property Awakens
While Disney theme parks have always included attractions based on Disney films, recent years have seen a surge of new projects which left aside some of the original ideas of the first 50 years--from The Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean to Space Mountain and Soarin'--and focused entirely on getting the most out of popular properties like CARS, TOY STORY, STAR WARS, AVATAR and Marvel Comics. What are the pros and cons of such an approach? Are the parks giving the people what they want, or giving the people what Disney knows it can sell?

3:00pm - 251A - How The Clone Wars Changed Star Wars
The Clone Wars ran from 2008-2015 and, with more than 100 episodes and a movie, it changed the way we look at the mythology of Star Wars forever. Our panel goes over the biggest things it changed and why it's as important to the mythology as the movies themselves.

7:00pm - 250A - Full of Sith
For the first time ever in Salt Lake City, the Full of Sith podcast brings the full line up of hosts to you to talk about the latest in Star Wars. And be on the lookout for special guests in addition to Amy Ratcliffe, Mike Pilot, and Bryan Young.

8:00pm - 151G - Oh My Chuck! The Expanding Mythology of Supernatural
The mythology of Supernatural is ever expanding, and season eleven is no exception. Join us for an in depth discussion about the angels, demons, monsters, hunters, witches, gods, and of course, the Winchester Brothers, who inhabit this unique television universe that has been going strong for eleven years. This will be a great discussion for writers and content creators who want to delve into the topics of world building and character development, as well as for fans of this favorite show.

Please come say hi!


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