February 8, 2017

Girl Gang Twitch Stream for ACLU

It's time to Twitch!

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has our backs. They defend our rights and our freedoms, and this happens to be a time when we need that more than ever. They have received large donations recently, but it's going to be a long fight. To that end, we're going to do the kind of fundraiser you can only do in this modern age: a Twitch stream!

The Girl Gang Twitch stream will feature some awesome ladies (Amy Ratcliffe, Jenn Fujikawa, Sarah Kuhn, Dr. Andrea Letamendi, Christine Dinh, and Christy Black) discussing:
- The importance of staying creative in these turbulent times
- Geek crafting
- Self-care techniques
- giveaways
and more!

Tune into Twitch at 12pm PT on February 12, hang out with us, watch, and donate:

If you want to help spread the word on Facebook, here's an event you can share:

If you'd rather donate to the ACLU directly, you can do so at:

Thank you to the following businesses/people for donating giveaways:
Yoga TuneUp Balls, Christy Black
Rebel Green
Love and Madness
The Ripped Bodice
Sarah Kuhn
Cherry Cheva
Fanbase Press
Paul Krueger
CB Lee
Cindy Pon
Amber Benson
Naomi Hirahara
Cecil Castellucci
Kate Noble

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