All posts at Geek with Curves are by me, Amy Ratcliffe, unless otherwise noted. I'm a writer and geek who is obsessed with Star Wars, in love with Disney, enthusiastic about fandom, and slightly addicted to coffee.

Find me at:

You can see my writing at sites such as Nerdist, IGN, StarWars.com, Adafruit, and Comic Book Resources and in print publications such as Star Wars Insider magazine. You can view my complete resume at my website and contact me at alratcliffe@yahoo.com.


  1. Hey Amy, I just sent an email over to the above address. If you'd like a review copy of Colorworld/Teleworld, let me know!

  2. HI Amy, I teach writing and am currently working on creating Star Wars based writing curriculum. Do you know if there are any copyright issues I should be concerned about or aware of? Thanks!

  3. Where have you been all my life??! 😄

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